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DangerRoad Road - Silkroad Online Private Server
Server is: Online
Players: 65 / 1000

Hotan: dummy
Jangan: Demons
Bandit: dummy
22.5.2020 Hello. This is DangerRoad Online by DangerRoad Team
Silkroad remains one of the most intense, thrilling and fun game that ever made, despite being 17 years old, the game still has one of the best fights all over the MMORPG games, everyone enjoys job activities, fortress wars and killing Uniques, despite having a lot of servers with some over edits, it still manages to deliver the purpose of gaming which is having fun, that's why we had to do some kind of improvement to the old school systems in order to make it more challenging, in another hand, We didn't want to ruin the essential conceptions of the original game-play, so we kept it as simple as possible.
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